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Get financially fit…

Write down your goals – As a starting point try tackling goals that are part of your every day life, such as setting aside some... read more

Asset allocation is a big deal

Possibly the biggest influence on your investment returns is your portfolio’s asset allocation, or how much of your money is invested in such things as... read more

Reinvest income to increase total returns

Dividend reinvestment is when an investor uses their dividend distributions to purchase additional shares in that company. Often the long term benefits for an investor... read more

A super investment

When you invest money through superannuation, earnings are taxed at a maximum rate of 15%, not your personal marginal rate – which could be as... read more

An active investment approach

Active investing refers to the ongoing buying and selling activity by an investor or funds manager. Active investors purchase investments and continuously monitor their activity... read more

Plan ahead and come home debt free

Most of us work really hard and look forward to some much needed time off and a vacation. However, coming home with a maxed out... read more

The benefit of regular investing

Irrespective of your investment time horizon, it makes sense to regularly invest (weekly, monthly) additional funds into your investments – this approach is known as... read more

Reduce your assessable income and save for retirement

Most of you have probably heard the term “Salary Sacrifice”, but do you understand what it is? Salary Sacrifice is simply a before tax contribution... read more

What’s your “financial” personality?

What’s your “financial” personality? The scrooge Generosity is not your strong suit and you don’t like giving and you don’t like spending. You might be... read more

A goals-based approach

A goals-based approach to investing is beneficial to investors as it puts them in the driver’s seat as they are actively involved in the decision... read more


"We have been with Momentum Financial Planning for over 8 years now and have always received quality financial advice. The guys are easy to talk to and make even the most..."

Greg & Ann, Coffs Harbour
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