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Regularly review your investment strategy

An investment’s value reflects the value of its underlying assets. This can change as the market value of those assets rises or falls, or for... read more

Credit cards

Most of us know that credit cards come with an interest rate, and usually high ones. However, just because you could pay interest doesn’t mean... read more

Learn how to manage your energy not your time

Its increasable how much you can achieve when your energised. Whether this is after a yoga class, a good night’s sleep or after working on... read more

Are you sacrificing your own financial security for the sake of your business?

We speak with many small business owners who do not pay themselves superannuation. Being self employed means superannuation contributions are not compulsory. Cash flow is... read more

The art of saying no…

The simple fact is you cannot do everything or be everywhere. As a small business owner, it is okay to be selective on how you... read more

Steps to building wealth…

Many people will delay taking control of their finances because they don’t have the time, it’s too daunting or they don’t know where to start.... read more

Reversionary Beneficiary

Would you like your Superannuation Pension to continue as a regular income payment for your beneficiary as opposed to being paid out as a lump... read more

How will Centrelink assess the sale proceeds?

When someone has sold their residence and intends to purchase another one, the sale proceeds in relation to your Centrelink entitlements can be exempt from... read more

When was the last time you had a holiday?

Operating a small business can be an all-encompassing experience.  Small business owners are often the first to change or cancel holiday plans because of business... read more

Personal cover through super

For certain people having insurance through your super makes a lot of sense as premiums are automatically deducted from your super balance. This can be... read more


"We have been with Momentum Financial Planning for over 8 years now and have always received quality financial advice. The guys are easy to talk to and make even the most..."

Greg & Ann, Coffs Harbour
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Director / Financial Planner
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