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Write down your goals – As a starting point try tackling goals that are part of your every day life, such as setting aside some emergency money or clearing debt. Maybe then you can move onto other things such as more aspirational or lifestyle goals like travel or house renovation.

Update (or create) your budget – If you’ve got a budget already in place, spend some time reviewing it. Do you have room to be saving more? Do you need to review some expenses? Could you be spending less in some areas so you can enjoy more of the things you really value? If you’re starting from scratch, just get in and do it. A budget really isn’t optional when setting yourself up for success.

Reduce debt – Write down all of the debts, excluding any “good debts” (like your mortgage), including what you owe, the minimum repayments and the interest rates. Include in your budget a repayment for each, with the emphasis going to the one with the highest interest rate.

Use technology – Make sure you have no excesses not to do it and utilise technology to help stick to your budget. Internet banking is a great way to pay your bills and setting up automatic payments to come out of your account before you have a chance to spend it.

Protect yourself – All of the above is conditional on things going to plan – unfortunately life doesn’t always work that way. Reviewing your personal insurances to ensure they remain appropriate to ensure you have a backstop if things go pear-shaped.


"Dear Tom , Shane & David, Just a short thank you for all the time, effort and knowledge you have given to Paul and myself over the past 8 years..."

Paul & Cara, Urunga
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